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Which coils for 16v COP?

Dirty Rick

Active member
Apr 10, 2013
Cornholio, OR
Want COP on the next project, a 16v monster in an early 240.

Its getting a MegaSquirt and a Yoshi CAS.

Which coil on plug setup fits this motor best?
VAG/VW Coils - 06A905115D (There's a few part #'s)
Note on fitment for these - http://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?p=5163096#post5163096

Toyota Coils 90080-19015 (has 3 other part #'s)
Which also need some trimming/etc http://forums.tbforums.com/showthread.php?t=192802

If you're really adventurous you could do 03-06 Honda CBR Coils but you need a method to hold them down so they don't vibrate loose.

I'm sure there's some others floating around that could be used but that's up to your preference.
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I have been using the Denso 90080-19015 coils for just under three years (not on a 16 valve). Picked a set up off of a 2003 (or thereabouts) Corolla at a pick and pull for $35 Cdn including the wiring harness. As noted, there are different part numbers for essentially the same coil which I think primarily relate to the location of the mounting tab. The similar coil is used on some of the V6s with different coils on the front and back / left and right cylinders (4runner?). That is why the Corolla (or Celica or Matrix) makes a better donor because you get 4 coils that are the same. Plus, Corollas of that vintage are super common so lots of donors in the salvage yard.

The coils have integrated drivers so I am triggering them using 4427 MOSFET drivers from MS2 V3 using the MSExtra firmware.
I was using the Toyota COP's. They're pretty easy to find in junkyards. Two tiny little snips to take off a bit of the flange on both sides and they fit right down into the valley of the 16V valve cover. Then the stock 16V spark plug wire cover fits on over them to make it look all slick and OEM.

Plus - they're smart coils, they just need switched 12V+ and a ground, and just a signal wire from MS. No need to finesse dwell settings.
Plus - they're smart coils, they just need switched 12V+ and a ground, and just a signal wire from MS. No need to finesse dwell settings.

If by smart coils you mean that they have current limiting - correct. If by no need to finesse the dwell you are suggesting that you don't have to worry about going too long on dwell - maybe not so correct. There is no up-side to running longer dwells once you are into current limiting. There is a down side to running the coil into current limiting because you are heating the coil up with no increase in coil energy. From the notes I had on testing the coils I think current limiting occurs at just above 10.9 amps. Its been a while since I did my set up; but, I think I set my dwell to limit coil current to right around 9 amps. I haven't had a any spark related issues with that coil current.