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740 Windows and signals inop.


New member
Feb 19, 2006
Brookfield, CT
1987 745

Driving the other night discovered turn signals weren't working. Arrived Home and discovered power windows wouldn't operate (close) either.

Pulled fuse 8, blown.

Replaced fuse 8, popped as soon as turned key to on.

Figured it was the relay the turns and windows share. Replaced relay, new fuse, key to on, popped.

Remove relay altogether, new fuse, key on, pop.

Removed window switches to jump with a pack so I could close the windows, rainy few days forecasted here.

New fuse for the heck of it with all window switches disconnected and relay out. Key on, pop.

Fuse blows instantly when key is turned to on, thing is driving me nuts.

Sounded like the rear hatch lock actuator was bumping when the fuse pops (shouldn't, different circuit) so disconnected hatch lock actuator and sound still exists when fuse pops. Maybe it's another door, or something else altogether.

All else operates fine, kinda need signals up here with these other drivers pushing me along, and as I haven't yet reconnected the A/C I kinda need to be able to operate the windows, lol.

Searched the site, wasn't able to find same failure that wasn't repaired by replacing the relay.

Gah... gonna definitely need to pull out the multi meter and trace but clearly you've got a grounding issue somewhere. Based on the year of the car... it could be harness related. What does the wiring inside the door look like?