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by Jon Glommen

Ok, here it is; the easiest transmission swap in the world for 240/700 series. This is the kit you need to put a BMW 5-speed (Getrag) into a Volvo 240/700- series. Martin Volvo Service of Wales, UK (44 1570 434459) sells this kit for $550:

  • Modified Flywheel. For use with "padel" clutch, keep Volvo "Turbo" pressure plate.
  • Modified Clutch Fork
  • Output yoke modified for conventional u-joint. Gets rid of mushy doughnut bushing.
  • BMW trans-to-Volvo Bellhousing adaptor plate with studs and nuts
  • Transmission Crossmember. Makes for much easier installation
What YOU need to buy/do:
  • A coarse spline BMW five speed from a 500/600 series that is, 10-spline input shaft.
  • Small modification of the Volvo bellhousing is required with a die grinder, about 10 min. of work. I will try to get more info on this.
Other notes:
  • You can use either a 4+OD fivespeed or the "Dogleg" five-speed from a 635Csi. The Dogleg is a true 5-speed with a 1:1 top gear. The "Dogleg" refers to the odd position of first gear in the shift pattern.
  • Shifter location remains the same.
  • You can also choose to use the std. clutch if you wish but must discuss item 1 with MVS.
  • Item 2, the clutch fork, is also available from SAM.
  • Alternatively, I was told by a fellow in Norway that the Getrag 5 was factory installed in many ho-hum Volvos of the late seventies. Evidently the "M51" was a short-lived before the introduction of the M46. I don't know any of this for sure but have been in cantact with a few Volvo retailers in Europe to get the Volvo part numbers and availablity of Bellhousings, clutch forks, etc.
  • The Group A Getrag 5 uses and adaptor plate and the stock bellhousing.
  • Shipping cost maybe very, very, expensive. I am going to try to arrange my flywheel work here and save some money.

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