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by Adam Smith

The objective of the modifcation is to compress the engine mounts before they are installed. To do this 4 screws will be inserted and fastened through the two metal plates which sandwich the rubber inner part of the engine mount. These tend to rip and stretch over time, especially the right side mount which gets soaked by oil occasionally when the oil filter is changed and oil spills onto it. This procedure will lessen the isolation dampening of the vibrations of the engine but will greatly prolong the life of the mounts on a modified turbo engine.

  1. First find fasteners, nuts of sorts, which can be recessed into the rubber of the engine mount, but apply force on the metal surface of the mount. These fasteners should not protrude much from the surface of the engine mount. The ones that I found are simple threaded cylinders which are flanged at one end to apply force to the surface of the metal engine mount. Four are needed for each engine mount.
  2. Find four screws which will thread into the fasteners but will not protrude the surface of the engine mounts when fuilly compressed, they must have bevelled heads.
  3. Drill four equally spaced holes in the engine mounts, through the rubber and both metal plates.
  4. Bevel the side which the screws are to go on to countersink them for an almost flush finish.
  5. Insert the fasteners(nuts) into the holes which have been drilled accordingly.
  6. Place the mount with the screws begun in the fasteners, into a vice, and help compress the mounts.
  7. Tighten the screws enough to take out the slack of the compressed engine mount.

Third Engine Mount:

Using one of your old broken engine mounts, a third engine mount can be made to relieve some of the stresses caused by acceleration.

  1. Cut an old engine mount as close to the metal plate as possible. One metal plate should still be secured to the rubber.
  2. Unmount the engine and hoist it up slightly.
  3. Position the newly cut enginemount under the corner of the oil pan on the right side of the engine(exhaust side). rest the mount on the cross member which the engine mounts are bolted to.
  4. Drill a hole in the cross member so that the cut engine mount can be bolted through the crossmember and the corner of the oil pan will rest on the rubber of the cut engine mount.
  5. Bolt the cut engine mount to crossmember and lower engine and refasten engine mounts.

Probably one of the cheapest modifcations to your turbo brick to ensure that your engine mounts will last more than 1000miles.


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