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by Anthony Hyde

Two braces are fitted, the dual short Strut to Firewall units (standard on Australian 240's), combined with a Strut Tower brace made in Europe by OMP and imported through Demon Tweeks, UK. Part #MA 1600, @ approximately $80US + postage. It is made from mild steel tube and plate, and is strongly welded. Pretty well made but not brilliant. I ground the bar to provide more clearance for the throttle spool and engine oil filler cap plus dressed up the welds.

Any handling improvement after fitting strut tower brace? - definitely YES, most noticeable on long sweeping corners, the front end feels as one.

For the keen eyed; note in the picture the Right hand drive, K-Jet mechanical injectors mounted in B230 style inlet manifold, Isolation switch (battery in boot), Fuel pressure gauge, Flexible inlet pipe to intercooler (smooth on inside).

Car: 244 with custom fitted B230FT using B21ET/FT ignition and fuel injection.
Owner: Anthony Hyde (Australia)

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