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  • Your in box if full and I dont know if you got my other messages. My wife will be in Sac today and could come by and pick up some parts and the pink. Let me know if that works. You can send me a text. 530 262-5430 Thanks Aaron
    Hey hows it going. I was just wondering if you had any luck on that pink slip for the 1800. Its comming along nicely. I hope to have the motor and suspension done this summer. Also Ill be in Davis this weekend at the show and you said something about having more parts. If your in the area you could drop them off and or the pink slip. (your PM box is full.


    Hey man it was nice meet you this weekend at the burger joint. I would love to see the photos you took. Do you have them posted anywhere?
    Hey, your PM box is full. If you're still interested in the valve shim kit, you're first in line for it. Shoot me a PM if you still want it. :)
    I think I saw you driving on hwy 50 a few weeks ago. I Va e you a thumbs up, I drive a 98 v70xc. Anyway have you been to the cordova pickandpull recently? Some awesome 240s showed up there. Likee a 242homologate and some other tbrickers car.
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