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My 1981 242 DL


I own!
Feb 9, 2010
Lost in Wales...
Hey all!

So finally, after a long long time and waiting i present you my 1981 242 DL that i bought around one and a half years ago over the phone from Lithuania, where i am from originally.

The car has finally arrived to the UK on the 30th of June, and now it will be stored in the unit that we are finishing building till it's all up and running and i can actually start tearing it apart to see what needs to be done.

I will add pictures and a little video or two later on whenever it all finished uploading.

Cheers, Adam
Nice car, you are lucky to own one here in Europe! ;-)

Looks like its pretty straight, but you will have to fight with rust for a while. Floorboards?

What are the plans? Transplant the goodies from the grey 244?

Edit: Oh, and will you convert it to RHD?
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Hey! Yeah, i stil can't believe i got one haha...

The plan is to remove all the rust i can, reweld what's needed and strenghten the chasis, then repaint it with some sort of white color, then fit all the bits i got leying around from when i had a plan to use them for the 244 turbo, convert it to RHD, just for the driving pleasure and get a proper 16v turbo engine built for it. Doesn't seem very hard, but i know how it all goes over the top when you start fiddling with stuff and repairing haha :)

The 244 Turbo is for sale to fund a daily diesel estate, so it will stay as it is, it's just it gets too many timewasters, and none of the genuine people that wants to buy it...

A bit of an update of the latest acquisition for the future powertrain unit...

Also i got another b230fk block that i exchanged for a g80, so this will all grow up into a reasonably powerful turbo engine... After the body is done, and i haven't even touched it yet lol...

Oh, and a good friend of mine donated his old welder, so that will be one thing that helps to rebuild the 242.

I will update as always, whenever something happens :)

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Yo all!!!

You might already have seen it, but here it goes!!

Started making a little documentary series on my 242!

Come have a look!





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Great to see another 242 on the brink get saved. I had much of same rust issues all in the same areas. It can be done. One area at a time. Haha I had the same nightmare with the rear bumper. :rofl: after the breaker bar I went right for the hot wrench. Good luck man
Cheers buddy! Yeah, nothing's impossible and it's really worth saving. It will be one hell of a journey tho! Got some interesting plans for it.
Cheers buddy! I do dislike them alot, but i iwll go a proper PDM and Maxx Ecu system when the time goes so i won't need any fuses in the car what so ever ;)

EP8 is being edited as we speak :)

dashboard removal!!!

Hey, I just put a better looking dashpad in my wagon. I had pulled eveything form the front to redo the wiring harness after a 7mgte swap. Still working on the kinks cause i did digital instrument panel. After 3.5 years disassembled, it took me over 6 hours cleaning and figuring how things went back, which was pretty basic.


This is the one. Take care
Dz :roll: