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MountainMeet 2k16, 9/29-10/2/2016

only thing going up over here right now is stress levels. I had a headache before I got out of the driveway this morning.
Oh I've got a bunch of dried habaneros I was thinking about throwing in the food processor to make a powder.

Any interest? Might spice up some stuff.
mountain meet pack and GOODIE LIST 1.03.05beta2

~2x20 lbs lump
Egg (fix wheel(s)), extra rack, controller, plate setter, woo
blue cooler
beer! and coozie
map gas torch with propane backup, also chimnea. and cut up pecan.
clothes, pillow, blanket(?)
Sharpie "for Mr Bill"
Auburn 'Dock kit' "for the mustang"
5 gallon auxillary gas jug (v8's are thirsty)
stainless sheet for the big grill? (gotta read on this yet?)
Fishin' poles and tackle (aka, m80's)

TV and HD antenna (FOOZEBALL!)

Generic goodie list:
self-rising flour
veggie oil
butter(~2-3lbs yall reckon?)
garlic powder
garlic salt
chilli powder
ancho powder passilla powder
cajun seasoning
onion powder
injector(need a new one, so 1x tony sachary's kit)
coke(or dr pepper)
ghost/reaper peppers?
other seasonin's
worcestershire (wooostershire-fu<v>ckin' yankees) sauce
hot sauce
medium sized pot
large pot?
medium/large pan
aluminium pans(like, roasting pans or turkey pans or whatever)
aluminium foil
paper plates
paper towels
trash bags
buns (dogs and burgers)
bread (make garlic bread? Italian loafs work well for this)

On the food side, lets do a little campaign planning to narrow some of this down i.e. let's set a menu-of sorts- and focus in on that.

We've talked about smoking ass, that's fine, we'll need to pretty much unpack and start the egg friday then, or do something that won't take 18-20 hours for friday night. There has been talk about smoking a bird, this is fine, we can also obviously do burgers/dogs/sausage/steak/chitlins on the grill itself. What would we want along with (sides wise)? I'm assuming bbq sauce for the ass, could make the same stuff for the bird or could procure some "white sauce". A neat side-effect of smoking a turkey is soup can be made concurrently if anyone is into that, just need some extra veggies and some stock in an aluminium pan.

baked/bbq beans? (if so, can doctor them up as well) Mashed tatters? We'll have a fair amount of "down time", so a sack of potatoes will go a long way and not taste like particleboard ****. Mac & cheese? (I can bring the dutch oven if need be as well) salad?
Figure on burgers and such for lunch saturday, so buns in large quantities will likely be needed.

If folks is bringin' stuff that is currently frozen in the ol deep freeze, it would be a great idea if it came out no later than say teusday. large things don't thaw fast, not even in coolers going down the interstate.

why bring the lightweight ****?

There was so much inflection in the initial post I didn't know if spicy stuff was coming or not.

Might get a little nipply at night for our campers.
I was thinking I'd probably camp even though I paid for a bed. I just like camping.

I have 4 different sleeping bags in different degree ratings. Lol, we do winter/fall/spring backpacking, dont' want to carry too much, don't want to have too little.